Monday, July 1, 2013

Our Summer Bucket List

I've seen various ideas on blogs and Pinterest about "summer fun jars" and "summer bucket lists" and decided that I wanted to get on board. I want to be intentional about what we do this summer - even when it comes down to having some serious fun. 

I'm completely shocked that July is here.  Since time flies when you are having fun, we must be having a lot of fun?! : )))  I figured I'd better get my Summer Bucket List posted before fall arrives. So here we go: 

 photo e0729d03-fc46-48c6-bf9f-a9a45bf9da90.jpg

 1. Make homemade ice cream.

 2. Attend VBS.

 3. Get sand in our toes at the beach at least once a week.

 4. Learning/teaching our kids the beauty of serving by joining The Call to 

 5. Help the girls learn 50+/- new Spanish words. 

 6. Enjoy the waterpark at least once a week. (Thanks Meme and Papa)

 7. Read lots of books.

 8. Attend age appropriate library programs for each girl.

 9. Have a picnic.

10.  Catch fireflies (and release them, of course).

11. Trips to the Farmer's Market.

12. Go through our We Choose Virtues curriculum. 

13. Go on a mini-vacay to a local hotel and spend time at the beach. 
      (using my husband's reward points for free nights - woo too!).

14. Camp out in the playhouse.

15. Make many precious memories!!! : )))

So what about you?! What does your family have in store for the rest of the summer?  Just chill?! Or a jam packed schedule of summer fun?!