About me

My name is Tonia.  I am a follower of Jesus, wife and  home educating mommy to four precious daughters. Not to forget an avid chai tea drinker,  lover of travel, zumba and boxing. 

I love life and like to think I've had a very fulfilling one, complete with all the things I love and am passionate about.   My husband and I both enjoy traveling and experiencing other cultures.  I've had the amazing opportunity to travel the globe on foreign mission trips since my teen years.  

Our married life has been full of relocations and various career changes/opportunities.  I, for a short time, was able to have my dream job and teach English to international students at a university in the Midwest.  

After being married for almost 7 years, we had our first child.  In less than five years, we managed to have three more children gasp  [smile].  This has changed everything! These four little girls have rocked our world and stolen our hearts.  Everyday is an adventure.  There is never a lack of laughter, snuggles, joy and yes a bit of chaos, drama and challenges in our home.  Having a larger family (and in this amount of time) was not "sketched" into our plan book, but we wouldn't trade it for the world.  This has been and is sure to be an amazing journey.

I've recently discovered a new found (or buried) passion for writing.  This blog is an outlet for me and has been like "therapy" or a day at the spa - strange, I know. LOL  Anyway, when I'm not writing here, you can find me over here.