Monday, October 12, 2015

Our family's journey with respiratory issues and natural healing

When our third child was born, she began having respiratory issues as an infant.  I can't really recall exactly how or when it started, but I realized soon on that it was serious.  She was suffering and it kept happening.  This was the first time in my life to experience asthma/reactive airway disease, first hand.  Growing up, no one in my family had respiratory issues. I only heard of about asthma from other kids who couldn't run too hard or fast because then they couldn't breathe well or that you should breathe into a paper bag if things got bad.  That's ALL I knew. From there, a healing journey began with 3 factors:

Nutrition and Supplementation

Realizing that as parents, we are our children's biggest advocates and being that I hadn't had much experience or knowledge about allergy and asthma issues, I began doing some heavy research.  

I have read a plethora of articles, books and posts and   was a huge eye opener regarding various triggers to allergy and asthma issues.  It discusses things such as casein (milk protein) and gluten, which can cause inflammation, a huge contributor to these types of issues.

We have made a lot of changes in the area of diet and nutritional supplements that have seemed to help reduce attacks/episodes.  We have added some important missing elements and started avoiding (or greatly reducing) trigger foods.  We have seen an amazing difference by doing this.  

Essential Oils

During my research journey on how to help my child, several people advised me about esessential oils and the effect they have had on their own child's respiratory issues/asthma.  Of course, I was desperate to help her and get her healthy. I would and did do anything to help her and prevent these attacks,  BUT, I really wanted to try a more natural approach to do that.  The idea of her being on several different medications, steroids and constant albuterol and the side effects of all of those bothered me. So, we tried the oils.

I can seriously say, there have been times that it was evident that an asthma attack was surely coming as she was lying down in bed at night - by just a cough or congestion.  I put a DoTerra respiratory blend  on her feet and chest and the night became quiet.  She rested without another cough.  I became a (oil) believer.  I heavily rely on these oils and use them in this diffuser, also.

This is definitely not the last post you will see from me about essential oils. 


(This an older pic and I hope and pray we don't have many more like these.)


So, I got fed up.  If you are a believer, a Christian, a prayer warrior.... you know what I'm talking about.  There is a spiritual battle everyday in our families, relationships, health and finances and so on.  It's a daily battle.  A friend of the family (thanks D.G.) let me know he was heartbroken from all the reports about our sweet baby being in distress or going to the E.R. and that he began fervently praying for her.  (Not to mention, so were her grandparents, family and friends.) 

Well... hello, I'm her mother and of course I was praying, too. But I was so exhausted and discourgaed and fearful, that I wasn't "really praying".  That changed! You may have seen the recent film, War Room?!  You know the scene where the wife/mom GOES OFF on the devil and "serves him an eviction notice" from their home and lives?!  Yeah, it was that kind of prayer.  I was so sick and tired of the stupid devil trying to steal our daughter's life.  Twice, I wasn't sure if she was going to make it through a horrible asthma attack and had to watch her be whisked away on a gurney to the E.R.  Thankfully, all turned out well and she even had a smile on her face once they got her taken care of....but I was NOT OK with that happening again.  

I can thankfully say that all of these changes have helped our little one become healthier and avoid so many issues and episodes.  Honestly though, since I 
"declared war" on her illness and became serious about praying for her... I can't remember the last attack she has had.  It's been months since I've heard a cough from her at night!!! Happy momma! Healthy daughter! Good God!!

I really, really hope these tips will help someone.  Whether it's a serious issue or an annoyance that inhibits you from fully living, there is hope!!!