Thursday, May 22, 2014

What we're learning: Reading

Ahhh reading.  So, even when we had made the decision to homeschool, I was still slightly intimidated by the thought helping my children learn to read.  I planned to just send them to preschool and/or kindergarten and let someone else get them on their way then bring them back home for school.  Seemed like a great plan?!   ; )

In the meantime, when our oldest was nearing preschool age, we found a  Hooked on Phonics program at a garage sale and bought it.  We looked through the program and evaluated it.  We liked what we saw, but it was an older version with cassettes.  Long story short, we resold it and got a newer version for the girls.  

We have used this program as our main reading program and it has truly been awesome in helping the girls learn to read.  Both our first grader and preschooler are reading way beyond their grade level. 

My fears and intimidations have faded and I could not be more proud of how well they are reading, but MUCH MORE than much they LOVE to read.  This is huge!!!

On the days that I'm feeling unsure about whether we are "doing enough" or if I'm on the "right track" with school, my awesome husband reminds me how much the girls enjoy reading and says, "if you can get a child to enjoy reading, they can learn anything by just picking up a book."  We have found this to be so true. 

We start them very young around here. LOL

Resources and tips that have helped make our reading journey successful and stirred a passion for reading in our girls:

We also:

Attend our local library reading programs (starting them at a very young age).

Borrow (loads and loads of) books on their favorite subjects at the library. 

Keep books handy in our car while running errands or on road trips.

Give each girl a reading light and allow them to read in their beds at night when they are not quite tired. 

Implement daily reading time.

Read to our kids often.

Try being an example by reading.

Buy books as one of their birthday gifts.

Happy reading all!