Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fun learning the alphabet

Being that our oldest is preschool age, we're just getting our feet wet with homeschooling. This also means that the ABC's are a pretty popular topic in our home with all of the children.

Our four year old has been working on letter sounds and writing the alphabet and the little ones are having fun with letter recognition.

There are so many resources out there to help with these skills as well as creative ideas to do at home.

As shown above, these are a few items that have been really helpful in making learning the alphabet fun at our house!

The Dora the Explorer: ABC Game (which I actually scored at a garage sale last summer) is a game they really enjoy and uses pictures to help teach the sounds of each letter.

LeapFrog: Letter Factory is a fun DVD which helped our oldest learn the sounds of almost every letter of the alphabet before we even started preschool with her.

This LeapFrog: Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set helps teach letter recognition and sounds and it is great to keep little hands busy while mommy works in the kitchen : )

What resources or creative ideas do you use to help your children learn their ABC's?

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Emily Doss said...

I have an app on my phone where Manny can drag and match two letter a's, b's, c's etc. and once he matches the a's it will say: A is for Apple. I really think he's learned some words from this silly app. I can't remember if it was free or not, but it's called first letters.

Tonia said...

oooh, we'll have to check that out, Emily. Did you by chance see my post about iphone/ipad apps for little ones the other day. There were some suggestions on there too. Thanks for sharing!

Tonia said...
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Cliff and Tami said...

we have those foam tiles that can be put together to form a floor mat, or made into blocks etc.. can email you a pic if you'd like. Each one has a letter on it. Kids love them! We also have the leapfrog fridge magnets.

shaunafl said...

Devin loves the Leapfrog magnet letters on the refrig. I saw on someone's facebook a download program to help your girls read and it is free until mid-February. You might want to check it out. www.funnix.com