Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Yay, she's 3!

I usually like to write about homeschool subjects on Tuesdays, but I wanted to stop and honor our precious little one who turned three this week. She is especially proud! I'm pretty sure every sentence lately starts with, "when I be three I'm going to....." (Yes, she misuses the verb, but I don't plan to correct her anytime soon....it's way tooooo cute.)

Our little "Cal Cal". She was born in a very, for the sake of being positive, "interesting" time in our lives. When the entire earth around us seemed to be dry and brittle, this little flower popped up. What a joy!

To add to the difficult seaon of life that we were in, when she was born, the doctor told us that she had three holes in her heart. I was beside myself. I/we didn't know what that meant, how it happened or what could happen to her. I'm pretty sure I didn't take my eyes off her and I was on 24/7 watch for weeks. The doctor assured us she was going to be fine.

Her words were literally, "she really is OK, it's like an artist who painted a big canvans and missed a tiny little spot, you'll never even notice it's there." That was such a mental picture for me. I know the Master Artist and he doesn't make mistakes in his creation. I put my trust in him!

This princess is a healthy vibrant little girl. She is a huge blessing in our lives. Yes, she may get lost in the shadow of her best friend/big sister who is more extroverted and outspoken, but her sweet little personality shines through and touches your heart. This little snuggle bunny is a wonderful mommy to her little baby dolls and truly loves her binky.

We are having so much fun getting to know her and her personality every day. Happy 3 years little one!

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