Tuesday, April 17, 2012

We Choose Virtues Review

In a world that seems like it is filled with anger, impatience, selfishness, etc. I (like many others) am always looking for opportunities and resources to help teach and exemplify [key word here] character in our family.

I recently came across We Choose Virtues and knew almost immediately that we would like it. I was right, we ordered some items and began implementing them into our homeschool time a few weeks ago. I like them just as much as our girls and they seriously bring a fresh perspective to living out these virtues.

The parenting cards are one item that we purchased and they come with a short lesson on the back. They even offer challenges for the whole family to do together to help instill these virtues in everyday life.

The materials are colorful and fun and use creative ways to help teach children [and their parents!] about several virtues such as contentment, sharing, kindness, etc. They are definitely not just for homeschool families. They can be used at home or in any class for children (they offer faith based and non faith based materials).

Here's a little tip: you can use the promo code spring30 for 30% off of the parenting cards and also download a free corresponding coloring book. Just click here to check out the website.

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