Saturday, May 5, 2012

Our baby girl is 6 months old

I wanted to add an extra little post today to recognize the 1/2 birthday (this week) of our tiniest joy.

It's milestones like these that make me waver between smiling and sobbing.  I'm so grateful for happy healthy children that are growing...but it happens way too quickly for my taste : ).  

This little princess is such a sweet addition to our family.  She is the epitome of all things feminine.  She speaks in the softest little coos and she bats her eyelashes when she smiles.  Yes people, she bats her eyelashes {insert the sound of my heart beating loudly}.  

Her big sisters would literally choose to hold her over playing with any of their toys.  This, especially, blesses my heart!  We are so thankful for "Edie Wose" and all that she gives to our family.  Happy 6 months sweet girl!

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