Wednesday, May 16, 2012

School's Out

So, this week we are concluding our school year - appropriately with the letter "Z".  As I mentioned before, we started homeschooling our kids in the fall.  This year, our oldest was in preschool (and our younger ones in "tot school" :))), so we are just scratching the surface as far as homeschool is concerned.

I was wavering in my thoughts about sending her to preschool somewhere else just to get the ball rolling, but when we discovered how expensive preschool can be these days, we decided to begin at home and invest some of that money in other areas of experience for the girls. (I'll be honest and say that the thought of getting three small children and a new baby ready and out the door early to take her, was not exciting to me either).

I can say that we had a really fun time doing this together. (I hope the girls would agree?!?!)  It was VERY relaxed and one of the main goals for doing this was to develop more of a routine - a groove if you will.  It took a while and changed a lot (since a baby was added to the mix part way through), but I guess that is the beauty of at home learning.  I loved having my babies home with me...all of them. 

In case you want to know what in the world we did, I'll tell you : ) :

Letter recognition/sounds/numbers:



Crazy Praize Vol. 1

We Choose Virtues

The Big Picture Story Bible (Book with CD)

Read and Share DVD Bible Box Set

The Big Picture Story Bible (Book with CD) .

Adventure Bible Storybook

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Arts and crafts:

and mommy's best attempts at other things : )

Play, play, play and discover, discover, discover!!!

Disclaimer:  Many of these items were given to us as gifts (birthday/Christmas) or bought using Swagbucks on Amazon.  You do not have to spend a fortune on materials for children to learn.  


Next Tuesday, I'll share what I've learned thus far in this journey.  

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