Thursday, May 3, 2012

Why I love having a large(r) family

So last Thursday I began a short series of posts entitled Why I love having a large(r) family.  I say large(r) because it's all perspective.  Many people think four children is large (I used to be one of those people).  In fact, not a day goes by when we are out in public that I don't hear "are they all yours?" or "wow, you really have your hands full!". 

My/our reactions vary.  Sometimes, I've {if you want me to be honest} been slightly annoyed at how, at times, people can seem offended or bothered by it?!  Other times, I feel so very proud that they noticed?!

Regardless...yes, they are all mine/ours.  Yes, my/our hands are full (so is my heart).  It's a big beautiful mess!

There are so many reasons why I love having a large(r) family, but one of them is:

Because I get to wake up to this everyday!

(Side note:  I told them to go get their "cleaning hats" on because we were going to clean the house.  They took me very literally).  These girls are hilarious!

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