Friday, July 20, 2012

Back to school (already!?!) deals

Wow, how did mid-July arrive so quickly?! Many people are already thinking about the new school year and shopping for clothes and supplies. The stores are ready and waiting for the mass amounts of dollars to be spent.

I would like to help you in one way today (if I may) to keep a few more of those dollars in your pocket this school year.

If you tend to dread the thought of crowds, lines and store hopping, online shopping through Ebates would be a good alternative for you. I have mentioned Ebates in this previous post if you are not sure what it is.

Right now, they are offering extra cash back on many of the stores that a lot of shoppers would go to to check out the back to school bargains. For example, Kohls and Macy's are 6% cash back, WalMart is 3.5%, JCPenny is 4% and the Apple Store is 1%. If you are using a credit card (with restraint, of course ; )) that offers cash back for purchases, then you would be getting cash back in two places at the same time. Not a bad deal.

This is one way to save on time AND gas and actually get cash back for your purchases. It is free to sign up and start browsing stores.

Happy shopping (and hopefully saving)! Is it me or does that sound like an oxymoron?

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