Thursday, June 4, 2015

2 Ways to Improve the Quality of Your Salad

There is nothing worse than wilted or sopping wet lettuce in your salad.  OK, so there are a lot of things worse than that, but who likes to eat salad that way?!

Since revamping our eating habits in recent years, one simple change we made is to add at least one big salad per day to our diet.  This was one simple yet very healthy suggestion made by one of my favorite doctors, Dr. Joel Furhman, in one his books. (Check out his books Eat to Live and Super Immunity.)

Our family truly loves salads, and like most people, we like them fresh and crunchy.  I've found two ways that have made that possible every time.

1. Use a Salad Spinner.  

Using a salad spinner has made it SO much easier to dry the lettuce (romaine and/or kale) after washing. It's much better that using a whole bunch of paper towels.  The girls think this is pretty cool, too. They take turns spinning and spinning. 

2. Store salad in Mason Jars.

I have found that storing the lettuce in glass jars after drying makes it last so much longer. I'm amazed that a week later, the lettuce is just as fresh as when I put it in. 

We also like to add a gazillion things to them for additional nutrients such as: white beans for protein, olives, avocados, hearts of palm and all kinds of veggies.  You can even add these toppings to the jars, as well, to take on the go or have for a healthy lunch away from home. 

Happy Salad Prepping!

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