Monday, February 13, 2012

Times of refreshing

Being a mother can mean long days, late nights (possible all nighters), early mornings and everything in between. A full time job with mandatory overtime. Although, we all know the rewards are immeasurable.

Time to refresh, restore and rejuvenate is imperative for doing this well. As with a lot of mothers, this has been difficult for me to do. Sometimes, just because of logistics. Others, because of the guilt factor. You know the drill: "I can't leave the kids, what if they need me?!?" "I don't want to burden anyone, they are my kids not anyone else's." "My husband is tired from working and I don't want to ask him to do that."

Before having kids, my husband and I loved to travel (very economically of course {wink} ) and that was our preferred getaway. Now, a getaway for me is a hot shower without a small audience or a few moments of quiet with my favorite chai or a book . I don't say that in a resentful or begrudging manner. I'm serious. I treasure those moments and they are important.

The greatest thing I can do, however, is spend time each day connecting with my Heavenly Father. Spending time in prayer, reading my Bible and asking for wisdom and guidance. As it has become increasing difficult to find time to do this, I know it remains the single most important thing I can do as a mother to restore my mind and spirit.

After having our first child. I was breastfeeding and it was difficult for me to get out. It was also a little intimidating for my hubby to stay with her. He thought that every time she cried she was hungry and there was nothing he could do about it. I would get a panicked stricken phone call about 30 minutes into my outing and I would rush home.

We have all learned to adjust (and continue to learn as we add more children). It has made all the difference, however. When I am able to get some time do do things that energize me, I am definitely a better person, wife and mother.

If you were like I was (and the way I am still trying to get better at). Take some time today and do something that will refresh yourself. The people in your life will most likely see the difference and so will you.

In a future post, I plan to do a "one person retreat" giveaway. It will include some of my favorite things that help me relax and restore myself - body and soul.

What about you momma? What do you do to refresh?

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