Friday, February 10, 2012

How to increase your Swagbucks earnings {Frugal Fridays}

So a few weeks ago I talked about the Swagbucks phenomenon. This is where searching the internet earns you digital bucks.

Today, for "Frugal Friday", I want to share two more tips on how to increase your Swagbucks so that you can cash them in for free stuff.

Sign up for an account
:: On the Swagbucks homepage, you can sign up for a free account. You will earn Swagbucks just for doing this. You can click here to do this.

Search, search, search!
:: As I mentioned last week, you can set the Swagbucks site as your homepage. Therefore, whenever you go online, you can earn by going to the sites that you normally go to. Simply type the name of the website, topic, or social media page that you go to in the search bar.

Next week, I will give two more tips on earning more Swagbucks.

P.S. I got my free stuff in the mail this week that I ordered using my Amazon gift cards "bought" with Swagbucks. That's always fun : )

Happy Swagbucking!

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