Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Our [very pink] homeschool room

Our newest addition....book ledges from Ikea. Love them!

These desks are from an old school sale ($4) that my amazing in laws brought from PA. Thanks mom & dad! Chairs were a Christmas gift from my parents (from Ikea)...once again..thanks mom and dad!

The teacher's a.k.a mommy's desk. It was about to be trashed from the organization my husband works at and he knew I'd love it. He transformed it!

10 drawer storage carts (from ebay) that I plan to use as workboxes in the future.

A few years ago, we visited a family's home for lunch. They had eight children and homeschooled all of them. I vividly remember walking into their "classroom" and was amazed. It was so adorable. There was a teacher's desk and several small desks for the kids. It was colorful and organized and looked like a great place for learning to take place.

At the time, our kids were just babies and toddlers and we had not yet officially decided to homeschool. In fact, we were in a transition period in life and were living with my husband's family (bouncing between two states) and didn't have our own place. I thought about what a dream something like that would be if we ever did homeschool.

Anyway, a few years have passed. We have since decided to homeschool and moved to a different one of the two states. God blessed us with a house (that happened to have an extra room) and my rockin' husband (who's my biggest cheerleader in this journey) transformed it into my dream classroom/homeschool room.

It all seemed to happen so fast and I'm so thankful every time I go in there. We all LOVE this room! I totally know it's possible to create a great learning environment even if it's not a separate room and a lot of people do it. For me, the separation helps to organize my thoughts [and papers].

Thank you Lord and thank you Jason!

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