Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Where's Doodle? (eleventh and final edition)

Checking out our new storage bins and making sure they are sturdy enough for her blocks.

At the library, getting ready to be "trampled" by a llama - yes, a llama at our library. Our library rocks.
The owner was putting her big sister up on it's back, while his partner was engrossed in another conversation. The llama got spooked and knocked poor Doodle over and she went under it's belly.
Her sisters asked for a llama for their birthday....her, not so much. : ) FYI: She came out fine or I wouldn't be so casual about it.

Our little Doodle is as active as ever, but I thought we'd move on from "Where's Doodle?" for awhile [unless she inspires a really good post]. Thanks for sharing these fun and adventurous moments with us.

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