Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wellness Challenge: work it out!

A few weeks ago, I began a series called the Wellness Challenge. This series is all about an issue that I am passionate about and something that is so important for all of us, basically- caring for ourselves. [If you noticed I took a few Thursdays off from posting on this series, it's because I was actually nursing sick kids or myself back to health. Oddly enough, those days seemed to fall on Thursday].

Because I am also passionate about being frugal, I wanted to offer some ideas about how to get in shape without breaking the bank or without even joining a gym.

Thankfully, because I am a certified fitness instructor and have taught at gyms for several years, we've never had to pay a gym membership in the past. Now, our budget is a bit tighter because we are living on one income and quite honestly, the time budget has gotten tighter, too. Driving time to go to a gym, etc. all adds up. In addition, I, personally don't like putting my infants in a gym childcare.

My point is, we do not currently belong to a gym, but my husband and I are both trying to get back into the pre-children habits we had of consistent exercise and fitness.

There are three important components to fitness, when it comes to exercise, that are so important to overall change and results. These include: cardio, strength, and flexibility.

Below is a list of ideas (including the three components of fitness) that are free or inexpensive that you can do without even going to a gym:

*take a long brisk walk {one of my favorites!}
-rent DVD's from your local library
-Netflix and/or ROKU offer streaming fitness "classes"
-buy an inexpensive video that you will consistently use
-get a group of friends together and Zumba or just dance at home
*mini trampoline at home (often called rebounding)
*jump rope
*stair climbing at home or outdoors
*take a class with your spouse or friend (i.e. dance or swimming)

STRENGTH [my favorite way to get fit- I literally feel stronger just doing it]
*buy (from a garage sale or discount store) some 5lb or 8lb hand weights
*plyometrics - push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups [while you are at the park with the kids] : )
*flex bands
-rent videos from your library
-Netflix and/or ROKU offer streaming fitness "classes"
-check online for ideas or printouts/tutorials
*walking lunges and squats at home

*basic stretching when you get up in the morning
*stretching before and after exercising

Have fun and enjoy these amazing benefits of exercise:
*increased fat burning
*increased energy
*increased muscle strength
*increased mental stimulation
*muscle tone and fat loss
*increased blood flow/circulation
*strengthen heart and lungs
*increased confidence
*stress releif (yay!)

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