Monday, April 30, 2012

Us and YOU

Last Monday, I posted about Us and how we (like many parents) have struggled to find the balance between being parents and being spouses/best friends.  It is such a delicate balance. As I mentioned before, it can be challenging for mothers to look beyond the mode of the constant urgent needs of our children (especially in their younger years) and remember our spouses and ourselves, for that matter.
Unfortunately, divorce is at an all time high and marriages and families are crumbling all around us.  Fortunately, however, we live in a time where there are SO MANY resources available to us if we choose to tap into them and fight for our marriages and families.

There are marriage counselors, books, marriage seminars, DVD's, apps, and websites around every corner.  It's all at our fingertips.  Advice from those who have had lasting and healthy marriages.  They've walked in our shoes and want to point all of us in the right direction.  All we have to do is TRY.

I have such a passion to see marriages and families thrive - including ours.  I want to share with others some of the resources that have helped keep us connected (or reconnect us when disconnected or off track) and moving forward together.  If you know me, when I find something good, I don't like to keep it to myself.  So, here are a few of my favorite marriage resources:

:: Night Light: A Devotional for Couples is a great devotional for couples with short stories,
   inspirational messages and questions to grow deeper together. It's laid out in a way to be read every
   day of the week.

:: Our new favorite is the Focus on the Family app.  It's an easy and way to get encouragement,  
   gain insights and prompt conversations for the daily journey with your spouse.  It has ideas for date  
   nights, conversation starters, tips and encouragement.

:: The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts is a very eye opening book that reveals the
   different love languages people have, how to discover yours, your spouse's and how to love them in 
   their "language".

 :: Ask.  I can't seem to remember the full name of this book or find it on Amazon for that matter.
   Anyway, this is such a fun little book to take with you on dates or car rides or before you go to sleep
   at night.  It has conversation starters that really help you get to know your spouse and how they think.
   You could even make up your own "deep thought" questions like: "if money weren't an option, what 
   would you do with your life?" or "who was/is the person who inspired you most in life?"

:: Laugh Your Way is the marriage seminar we attended last weekend.  They also have a website that
   offers various resources, tips, a "marriage minute" podcast and dates for their events.

:: Focus on the Family is an amazing ministry that does just that.  They focus on helping marriages,
   parents and families thrive.  Their website offers a plethora of resources, articles, marital advice and
   ways for you to find help if your marriage or family is in destructive path or on the brink of shattering.

I hope this will encourage someone today.  We would love to hear ideas and resources from you also.

No one ever said this journey or these relationships would be easy, but they are well worth it!

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