Wednesday, June 6, 2012

S.O.S...a cry for [practical] help (question #3)

It is Wednesday again. Is it me or do the weeks pass like days?! Wow. That is such a reminder to me to truly live each moment.

Today, I want to continue the series that began a couple of weeks ago, S.O.S a cry for [practical] help. It has been fun to receive different suggestions for questions posted. It has also been fun to think of questions to post. I truly enjoy learning how other people and other moms do things. Just today, a great friend of mine brought her two little cuties over for a play date. She and I always swap ideas for crafts, recipes, workouts, character building, discipline, etc. or just dream, laugh [occasional ranting or crying ; )] about motherhood and life.

You know that I love having multiple children, because I have mentioned it various times and I even started the Why I love having a large(r) family series ; ). They are so much fun together and they always have a playmate - their sisters. Some of my favorite moments, however, are those special times (even if it's at home while the others are napping) one-on-one with each of them. It's like they blossom into a different person. They totally thrive on that special attention. Even our twenty one month old thinks she is "top dog" when her sisters spend the night with their grandparents. She puts on quite a show for mommy and daddy. It's a blast!

One challenge in having a larger family, however, is making time to spend one-on-one time with each child.

Question #3

For those of you who have more than one child, how to you balance that special alone time with each child? What kinds of activities do you do?

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