Wednesday, May 23, 2012

S.O.S....a cry for [practical] help (question #1)

Yesterday I had a mini meltdown, which consisted of me freaking out (in my mind) of the 10,000 things I had to do plus care for four small children and their needs.  It didn't help that my husband was out of town. So he got a nice, but panicked text of my thoughts of hiring an organizational expert, a housekeeper and a therapist [none of which are in the budget].  I'm sure he would appreciate the outcome of all of those things, but instead he politely offered to help me when he got back home {therapy included - yay!}  I calmed down and went about my day....putting one foot in front of the other and got to work.

I have mentioned before that we {so gratefully} were able to purchase a house last year that has a lot of space for our family.  It was at a price that we could work with because of the fact that it needs A LOT of updates.  We took on the challenge.  Although, we don't regret the house, it has definitely been a challenge.  Probably moreso mentally than anything. I'm the "get 'er done" type, so unfinished projects hanging over my head all of the time really take a toll on my mental state.  Yes, it's taking us forever and some people like to remind us of that, but I like to remind them that we have four small children and we aren't going to neglect our children for two years while we paint or work.  I think I'm going to kindly start handing out paint brushes to anyone who comments from now on : )

Okay, so now that I am done venting, I wanted to let you know that a new series has been birthed out of my panic mode.  I realized that I don't need to call an organizational expert, a housekeeper, or a therapist.  I have access to the greatest of the greats - an entire community of MOMS and WOMEN who have been there and done that. One of my reasons for starting this blog was not to stand on my soap box telling you everything I know because that wouldn't take long {insert laugh}.  I wanted to connect with other women and other moms and pick their brains and swap ideas.  If I've (we've) ever needed you to speak up and comment with your womanly wisdom, now is the time {no pressure}.

I'm going to post weekly questions, each Wednesday, to practical issues about child rearing, housekeeping and organization.  We would all love to hear your creative and practical tips on these issues. Here we go....

Question #1

Of all of your child's crafts and special work, what do you keep and how do you organize it?


Adventures In Babywearing said...

I have a large bin that I use for important papers and pictures and crafty items. Some tips I've heard is to take photos of anything you can't keep but want to remember. Then print them into a little album or however you'd like. (I like photo books like Snapfish or you could just print them in 4x6 and put in a little album.) My friend Gabrielle also has great tips:


Tonia said...

Thanks Stephanie. I was actually hoping you would chime in on this. Great tips!