Wednesday, July 11, 2012

S.O.S...a cry for [practical] help (question #7)

To speak or not to speak?!?!
That is the question.

Today, I want to continue the Wednesday series S.O.S...a cry for [practical] help.

Today's topic is more of a "whatcha think?", rather than a cry for help, but I know it's an issue that many people face or think about, almost daily. I'm talking about openly "rebuking" another parent's actions out in public.

You know what I'm talking about. In fact, we were leaving my parents' house today and a police officer was looking for the parents of two boys who were playing in the street. The officer pulled up at the house and scolded the mother. I had seen the boys earlier and couldn't believe they were riding a little car in the middle of the road and I knew the mothers were around somewhere?! I'm happy that the issue was taken care of before a tragedy occurred.

Or, there was the girl who's little boy was pulled out of the lake almost lifeless TWICE in fifteen minutes because she was sitting on the beach texting. Both of these instances I have mentioned were safety issues, but similar situations happen daily all around each of us. Some are issues of safety, some of morality, some of unloving acts and some are just lack of common sense.

On the flip side (meaning I was the recipient), there was an occasion where a woman began yelling at me when we walked into a store without coats on during winter. She was ranting about what a horrible mother I was and didn't I know the temperature and so on and so on. I was so taken back that she was almost over with her rant before I even realized who she was talking to. Thankfully, I was so caught off guard and didn't have a chance to respond. {Hopefully, I would have had enough self-control to respond politely, but I just walked away. I did say "hopefully".}

The part she didn't know is that my husband drove so far up on the curb to drop us off that we were outside for about six inches before entering the store. What she also didn't know is that we occasionally keep our coats in the van because it's too hot to wear them inside the van when the heat is on. We then put them on to get out. Well, that day was a crazy day and after playing in the snow that morning, we quickly packed up and headed out to run an errand. Yes, we forgot that our coats weren't in the van until we arrived at the store. UGH! I was horrified enough and then the "lady" reminded me how horrifying it was, also.

My point is - when, really, is it our duty to call a parent out on the way they raise their children? Hence, I ask:

Question #7

When do you think it is appropriate to correct another parent's actions in public?

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