Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Growing food

(Our serrano peppers from last year. I should have been more prepared to use them?!?)

(We did manage to get some cherry tomatoes last year.)

So, we all know I can grow children, but the question is....can I grow food?! ha ha ha Last year, my dad bought us a raised garden kit. We were so excited to start it and grow food together. The girls couldn't wait to plant, water and pick.

It did fairly well for the first several weeks. As the summer went on and the days got much hotter and I got much bigger (in my pregnancy), I'll admit...we neglected the garden a bit. I almost refused to go outdoors. The tomato plants got so large that they overgrew and "suffocated" the other plants. We were able to enjoy a few of our tomatoes and some serrano peppers survived, but that's about it.

As part of our summer activities that I mentioned in a recent post, we are trying to grow food again this year. It works out perfectly with our new clean eating journey that we are on. I will talk about that more in a future post, but our garden is completely organic and pesticide free, etc. This is a great learning activity for everyone.

I hope we will have some fresh homegrown vegetables soon!

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