Thursday, January 24, 2013

What we're learning today: Kindergarten

This year, we are using My Father's World From A to Z A Complete Kindergarten Curriculum as our main kindergarten curriculum.  So far, we have really enjoyed it.  I have decided to supplement with a few other items/activities because my kindergartner is a bit further along in her reading/phonics skills than some of the lessons are, at this point in our school year.  The blend ladder activity sheet is what you see in her workbox drawer above.  I give her magnetic letters which allow her to build several different short words to choose from for this activity.  


We are also using these blend sound cards from A Beka. Someone actually gave these to us, so I don't have a link nor can I find information about them.  I'm not sure if they have been discontinued or something?! I am really thankful for them though.  They are large, colorful and very helpful in learning the sounds. 

I found this cute sight word caterpillar that we use to add new words (body segments) as we learn them. : ) It's a nice colorful addition to our school room, too!

Anyway, that sums up some of the things we are working on today.

What learning is happening in your corner today?!

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