Friday, May 31, 2013

Nature rocks - literally!

After a long and cold winter, we are thankful that Spring has sprung.  We have been taking every opportunity possible to get out to enjoy nature and all of it's beauty.  Our Creator is truly the most amazing artist with such an intricate touch!

A little toad friend the girls found.  No worries, we let him go shortly after.

These beauties are right off of our deck. Ahhh, spring is SO colorful!

 Our butterfly release  experience.

Recently, I found this idea for a nature hike with alphabet rocks here.  We painted letters of the alphabet on some rocks and set off for a nature hike in our yard.  The girls searched for things found in nature that begin with each letter and placed the rock on or near it.  

This is a great activity that includes, art, nature,
letter sounds and writing (painting).  The girls really liked this.

We've also had the privilege to see several bird nests, robin eggs, deer, chipmunks, bull frogs and my favorite - the beach @ the lake. 

What gifts of Spring are you enjoying in your "neck of the woods"?

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