Thursday, November 21, 2013

Get your groove on, momma!

Oh, the ever changing tide of motherhood.  The long sleep deprived nights seem endless until you blink and your child is weaned or moved into a toddler bed.

Teething, toddler tantrums, crawling, potty training.  It seems like there's always a milestone.  Always a new challenge or routine to get into.

It's constantly about getting into a groove.  When you get into one, it seems like your family is running like a well oiled machine. are blessed with possibly another little life and that groove changes, yet again.

Add 1 or 2+ children and it seems like you are constantly finding your groove. 

In raising children, I have really tried to be intentional about enjoying all of the seasons.  Not wishing one away because it is too challenging.  Sadly, it WILL go away all too quickly without even wishing. 

Having nursed all of our children (2 of which would have NOTHING to do with a bottle), this made leaving babies home with daddy a bit of a challenge.  Now that everyone is weaned and growing like little weeds everyday, it's easier for me to get out alone.  

Last night, in fact, I went to my favorite coffee shop to work on some projects while my husband took the girls with him on a few errands.  I nervously asked, "is that going to work OK"?  To which he responded, "I've got this. We're good."

I gave him a perplexed look and said, "wow, we are really in a groove right now, aren't we"?!

My personality would of course have me thinking...
so now what?

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