Tuesday, December 3, 2013

10 things I want our daughters to know

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1. No one will ever be capable of loving you like the One who created you. 
2. You are amazingly beautiful and unique inside and out. You are fearfully and 
    wonderfully made. 

3. Be globally minded. The U.S. is only one country of many, but be thankful 
     for your freedom.

4. There is a great big world out there with a lot of people and a lot of needs. 
     Have compassion. Serve.

5. You were created with a purpose!  Find out what it is and live it fully.

6. We are far from perfect, but we promise to do our best to love you, guide 

    you and point you towards the One who gave you to us in the first place.

7. People (including us) will let you down - just look up!

8. Dating... sure, you can make that decision when you are 18.  We aren't 

9. Your worth will never be summed up in your dress size, your IQ, the 

    amount of friends on your Facebook page or your future career path and

10. Our doors and hearts will always always be open to you.

We are eternally grateful for these four precious gifts!