Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Laundry System Makeover

With six people in the house, laundry seems to be never ending. We have some new systems that have made doing laundry a bit easier and more enjoyable (if that's possible). Our laundry room previously looked like a major explosion, which was quite discouraging for me in regards to wanting to conquer laundry mountain.

Thankfully, my right brained husband is awesome at looking for creative solutions to our my organizationally challenged systems.  Yes, I think I have a Pinterest husband ;)  That's just fine with this left brained girl.  I'd so rather do the bills, budget and teach the kids. 

He found these plans for an amazing laundry cabinet.  This way our laundry baskets are built up and save floor space in our long, but shallow laundry room.  

He purchased the baskets and the little chalkboard tags at Wal-Mart and used a paint marker to write the labels. 

We keep our recycle basket on top of the cabinet. (Please disregard the unfinished trim and paint in the background. We have a LOT of ongoing updates/projects in this house). Also, the cabinet is not leaning, that's my photography. : ))

This is the side panel of the cabinet.  He added trim for aesthetic purposes.  He also added wheels so we can move in order to sweep/mop and to take these pictures, I guess. 

 I wanted to add our homemade laundry powder since it's part of the "dealio". It's almost gone, so time to make some more. However, I will say that it lasts forrrrrrever.  It is much safer than most store bought detergents and much more economical. Yes, my hubby found and made this too. (I'm starting to wonder who should be at home full time?!) LOL Anyway, here's the recipe:

Homemade Laundry Powder

3 bars Fels Naptha Soap (grated)
4 lbs. 12 oz. Borax
4 lbs. Arm & Hammer Baking Soda
55 oz. Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda
3 lbs. Oxy Clean Free Powder
Optional: Purex Crystals

Mix all ingredients together.  We use an old protein powder scoop and only add about 1/4 of it to each wash cycle.  

I hope this brings a little more ease and joy to conquering laundry mountain in your home!?

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