Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Confession: I'm a Protein Diva!

I'm a pretty easy going gal. I don't get all worked up over brand names or  keeping up with the Joneses.  I love great deals, pinching pennies and I have no problem admitting that many of our things are bought at garage sales, discount stores or come as hand me downs. 

When it comes to the health and wellness of my family, there are a few things , however, that I have chosen to be a little picky about.   

One of them is my protein powder

Being into fitness for most of my life, as well as being a vegetarian, I have relied on protein drinks to help supplement the protein in my diet. I have tried pretty much every kind of protein on the market.  After years of gagging forcing several brands down, I finally found a brand that was actually palatable.  

To my disappointment, I learned that it contained so many additives and ingredients that were not benefiting my body, but actually harming it [sigh].  This is the case with many protein powders/drinks.

To name a few of these not so wonderful ingredients:

Artificial Sweeteners

The dangers of artificial sweeteners are no longer a secret. Even if we are not talking about the possibility of the big "C", artificial sweeteners, like Splenda, can destroy gut flora and are acidic, unlike stevia, which is alkaline. 

So many protein powders add aspartame or splenda to keep the sugar content low yet make the taste more palatable.  Watch out for this.


For years, whey protein became my protein of choice.  This was because soy protein can be a hormone disruptor and I don't like eggs (egg white protein). What is whey? 
  • "After fat and casein are removed from milk, dairy processors are left with whey protein." (source)
A few disappointing facts about whey include:
-whey is acidic
-whey can be allergenic and bother people who have issues with dairy 

Soy is a hormone disruptor and I stay clear from it.  In my ignorance, I was consuming toxic levels for a long time as I thought it was a good supplement to my vegetarian diet.  Long story short, that was destroying my body in several ways.  I don't consume soy nor do I give it to my girls. Guys, unless you want to start wearing a bra, I would stear clear of it, too. 

The conclusion...
After switching to vegan protein, I bought a container of vegan protein at a local health store.  Well, after gagging from the smell and taste, I'm disappointed to say that my money went out the window as its sits in the cabinet a year later. 

Then...behold I finally found the protein of my dreams. [Dramatic? Yes! but I'm so excited after searching for literally 18 years!]

Arbonne, vegan non-GMO protein is plant based and FREE from dairy, soy, gluten and artificial sweeteners. Yayyyyy!  Not to mention, it smells and tastes like cake batter.  Oh my gooooodness!  

(My girls love it and my husband [who can be quite picky regarding taste] agrees that there is nothing like it.  He has a protein smoothie every morning. )

More benefits of Arbonne Protein
-High protein content
-No cholesterol
-Low glycemic index
-Does not contribute to aminoacidemia, like whey 
kidney stones or fatty liver  

(Dr. Kelly Martin, B.S., Pharm.D.)

Did I mention that it tastes so good??!?!

So, friends, that's the story of how I became a "protein diva".  You can put it to the test here.

Oh, have you ever tried making protein balls?  They are in high demand at our house!

So please, fellow health and fitness fanatics, check your ingredients!!!

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