Wednesday, July 29, 2015

7 Thoughts Moms Have Had About Fitness

1. "I wonder if my post-baby bladder will make it through any more jumping 
      jacks or burpees?!"

2.  "How can I incorporate my clingy children into my workout as exercise 

3. "Hmm, which sports bra will fit today. The pre-baby boobies one? The 
     pregnancy boobies one? The nursing boobies one? Or the post-nursing [what 
     in the world happened here] one?"

4. "Now to figure out how to get my other bicep as massive as the one I've 
      used to carry the infant carseat around for an entire year."

5. "I wonder how soon after I get back in shape that I will get pregant 

6. "Should I be doing keagels while doing these squats."

7. "If I can birth a human being from my body into this world, I can surely 
     finish this darn workout!" 

Happy workout, mommas!!!

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