Tuesday, May 22, 2012

School's Out: what the teacher learned

Last Tuesday, in the post School's Out, I told you about what we did this year as we got our feet wet with homeschooling.  I mentioned some of the things that we did and what curriculum/resources we used.

Overall, we all had a really fun time together this year learning the alphabet, numbers, coloring, singing, learning scripture and playing A LOT!

Today, I wanted to let you know what I ("the teacher") learned thus far in this process.

I learned:

::That the curriculum we used was a bit too simple for my preschooler, but her sisters were able to keep up with her somewhat, so we stuck with it and chose to have fun with it anyway.

::To not be so controlling with schedules and completing tasks, but to enjoy the process.  Flexibility is the beauty of homeschooling.

::That I do not have as much patience as I thought, but I recognize it and plan to work on it.

::Homeschooling requires a lot of work, thought and planning (on the teacher's part), but I like a challenge.  Staying organized and prepared is huge! I'm thankful that I don't have to rely completely on my own strength...that He is with me, He guides me and renews my strength!

::Children learn SO much just through simple conversation, observing the environment around them, working through things on their own and by playing and discovering.

::I am so excited to continue this journey with our children!!!  Look out Kindergarten...here we come!  : )

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