Tuesday, June 26, 2012

More attempts

Book Babies.

Craft time.

Silly songs and pom poms.

OK, I cheated a little with this photo ;). This was from the spring session, but I wanted to show you how cool our library is....they actually brought areal llama in for one class. Notice that Lai Lai wanted to introduc
e her own llama to his momma {insert laugh here}.

In keeping with my little "how we're going to attempt to avoid mushy brains and bodies this summer" series, I wanted to share a little peek into our library story time sessions (or "library school" as the girls call it). We actually finished the summer sessions up today. Two of our girls attended classes and had a great time.

I am so truly grateful for our library. They go above and beyond in their story time sessions. The themes, stories, crafts and short videos (or music time for babies) are always so fun and interactive. Our girls have a great time. Another aspect that I like is that the sessions are usually only a few dollars to cover the price of materials or sometimes, free.

It's a great opportunity for the girls to make new friends, acquire skills and learn to love books and stories. We'll definitely be signing up for the fall!

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