Wednesday, June 27, 2012

S.O.S...a cry for [practical] help (question #6)

Thanks for visiting today! A few Wednesdays ago, I started this series to help all of you with those everyday practical questions you may have about housekeeping or raising children. OK., that is SO not true. I started it for more selfish reasons - to help myself! I'll admit it. I wanted to hear your advice, your systems and your encouragement. We all need a little of each of those from time to time, don't we?!?!

I thought I would do things a bit differently today. I want to answer my own question and then I hope to hear from some of you, as well : )

Question #6

What are some things that you do to get some down time (alone time) or refresh?

A: For me, I renergize by going for a walk outside (with my favorite worship music on my ipod), taking a hot bath, reading (books or blogs), blogging (yes, it's true), or working on a hobby/project that I haven't had time for. Sitting down for a few moments with a cup of coffee or chai tea does wonders for me too!

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