Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How we'll attempt to avoid mushy brains and bodies this summer

Because we live in the Midwest and spend much of our winter indoors, we are SO ready for the great outdoors when the weather gets nicer.  This spring/summer, we will venture out of our homeschool room and continue our life long journey of hands on learning.  Some of the activities we plan to do this summer to help cure our cabin fever include:

::Plant our vegetable garden this week (hopefully a better outcome than last year)

::Story time at our library
   -each girl will attend their age appropriate session and the library does a GREAT job with these

::Cooking class (through the park department) for our oldest

::Read a lot of books (click here for a list of our favorites)

::Starfall games and activities

::Our oldest will work through her Hooked on Phonics books (she loves reading to all of us)

::Crafts and art (yay, the messes will be outdoors now.  I know, I know...art is a beautiful mess 
  and I need not be OCD about my kids' messes when they are creating...I'm trying).

:: Attend Backyard Bible School at our church

::Watch Cat in the Hat and Sid the Science Kid(Yep, I said it.  We will watch T.V. and I'm forever
  amazed at what they learn from it. I know some of you will never view my blog again now...ha ha
  ha ["Mommy, pandas eat bamboo.", "Mommy, did you know starfish have eyes on their arms?".
  That's exactly why we highly monitor what they watch. These sponges are much too absorbent to
  watch most of the yuck out there.]

::Many trips to the beach, splash pad and waterpark

We hope to share some updates and photos of our upcoming fun with you : )

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