Wednesday, June 13, 2012

S.O.S...a cry for [practical] help (question #4)

Whether you know me or whether you may have observed from my posts (or lack therof on this topic), that housekeeping is not one of my greatest strengths. Managing home finances....sure, teaching children....yep,, all right?!

I could be wrong, but not many people actually LOVE cleaning and doing chores {okay, okay even if you do....just humor me here}. Don't get me wrong, it can actually be somewhat therapudic at times and I have learned to enjoy it a little more. I DO, however, like interior decorating and setting up my home very much. That is a motivator for me because you can't decorate what you can't find in a cluttered mess ; ).

Over the past few years, I have really searched my heart in this area. I have also realllllly tried to become better at organizing/cleaning, etc. and not just settle with the attitude "I just don't like it and it's not my thing." I know that attitude does not bless God or my family. On that note, I'll share some things that have helped me (are helping me NOW) in this area:

1.) As I said, I have had a major attitude/heart change regarding this issue. I have been really challenged to view it not as doing something I just don't like because it has to be done, but that I'm doing something to serve my family and make our home a clean, sanitary, beautiful and peacful environment for the people I love - and myself : ).

And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. ~ Col. 3:17

2.) I bought the Motivated Moms app that totally fits my personality as far as loving checklists and my "get 'er done" style. P.S. they also have a printable version which I almost chose. I'm so old school when it comes to lists. There are so many resources and systems out there to help those "like me" who need to find one that works best. There is no one size fits all.

3.) Having balance and showing grace {to myself and others}. I seem to go from one extreme to another - from being totally okay with clutter, to being completely overwhelmed and stressed out by it. I'm trying to focus on what matters most and that is relationships and not walking around with a bad attitude or grouching at the kids because of a mess. I try to do all that I can when appropriate and leave the rest for when I can get to it. It's also a matter of realizing the season that I am in {one of raising small children}. It's been said that:

"cleaning with small children around is like shoveling during a blizzard" and I couldn't agree more.

4.) Thankfully, my awesome husband helps as much as he can. To tell the truth, he does a lot of the laundry. He does it to help me, but also because he is quite particular on how it is done...shhh, don't tell him I told. He also vacuums on occasion and is great at organizing and de-cluttering, which I am quite the pack rat. (I knew I married him for more than his looks ; ))

Anyway, those are some things that are helping me in one of my weak links. Now, what about you?

Question #4

Do you have a specific "plan of attack" when it comes to cleaning and organizing? Do you do specific jobs on specific days or do you do a little of everything each day? I look forward to hearing your womanly wisdom on this....pllllleassseee (hey, don't make me beg here ; ))

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Emily Doss said...

Seems like I'm always starting a new system thinking that none of the old ones work for me. I've yet to realize you have to work the system instead of the system working it out on its own.
In busy seasons I get so far behind, but then things calm down and it seems we get back on track.

I really loved the book Organized Simplicity...I'll have to really look for that to share. :)