Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer fun (and learning of course) begins

I mentioned to you last week that we were going to attempt to avoid mushy brains and bodies this summer by being intentional about some of our activities. Although it's not "technically" summer, we have been having a blast.

I'm really grateful that we live near one of the Great Lakes. It's such an amazing place to go and one of our favorite family activities.

The long stretch of sand and dunes allow for a natural playground - a nice soft landing pad for little knees and/or bodies that tend to fall often. A huge body of water, sand dunes, and wildlife are a perfect backdrop for a day out and lessons in nature.

The girls love to run and yell [all the things they cannot do in the house ; )] dig, build and splash their little hearts out. They especially love chasing the gulls who perch themselves all over the beach.

There are many more trips to the beach in store for us : )

Keep coming back to visit on {homeschool} Tuesday, there are some fun giveaways coming soon!

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